Based on an alleged murder case of a young child that was found drowned in a well, for which its stepmother was sentenced, photographer Marcelle Verberne wrote a short story that offers questions instead of answers. The events took place about a century ago, but the questions about exclusion and prejudice that this history raises, are still valid. The story,  based on the archival files and old newspaper reports lets various characters tell their tale. 

The original version was published in summer 2020 in the Dutch Literature Quarterly ‘De Revisor’. 

Based of the text, Marcelle Verberne made the series ‘Black Water’ that shows the dark side of water surfaces, with glimpses of underwater life and fractured reflections of the sky above. The series will be on exposition in Kyoto from 18 September- 18 October 2020.

On the occasion of the exposition a special issue of the story will be made, combining the story and photowork. The design of the book was by Akiko Wakabayashi, the translation by Yumiko & Masafumi Kunimori. 


naam expositie: 黒い水|Black Water

マルセレ・フェルベルネ|Marcelle Verberne

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